Emily Deschanel: “I was in school with Ginnifer [Goodwin]; she’s a couple of years younger than I am. She’s supersweet. She told me I gave her a pep talk once, even though I can’t remember it. And [Michael] Chiklis – I love ‘The Shield’ – he’s so good. When I was in school, he came to speak to us about acting and told this story about how he had As You Like It on his resume; and a casting director asked if it were a soap opera. The casting guy said, “ABC? NBC?” and Chiklis said, “No, Shakespeare.” I’ll never forget it. ”

Emily Deschanel: “I’m a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan, too. Vegan just means that you don’t use animal products, so you don’t wear leather, you don’t wear wool, and you don’t eat animal products. But you can eat french fries and stuff like that all day long. ”

Emily Deschanel: “Everything I know about makeup, I’ve learned from my sister. ”

Emily Deschanel: “David [Boreanaz] is also the first to drop his pants. On our [Bones] Christmas episode, everyone had to drop their pants on camera, and David was so happy. He spends a lot of time with his son, Jaden. At his last birthday party, David got him a bouncy castle, and I noticed that Jaden just had to take off his clothes in the castle. Like father, like son, I guess.”

Emily Deschanel: “I’ll remember that forever, to have had that experience working with my father like that. We got to share things with each other, and he asked for my advice sometimes, which was pretty awesome. I took his advice when I did argue with him. It was a great experience, I’m looking forward to working with him.”