Category: ‘Bones’

Bones: 12×04 – “The Price for the Past” Promo

The team investigates the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan’s past. Meanwhile, Aubrey faces a moral dilemma of his own when he discovers his dad is back in the picture.

Bones: 12×02 – “The Brain in the Bot” Screen Captures

Bones: 12×03 – “The New Tricks in the Old Dogs” Promo

When the body of an old man is found in an acid dump site, the team becomes enmeshed in retirement home drama. As they explore the case, talk of marriage and kids begins to dominate the conversation back at the lab.

Bones: 12×01 – “The Hope in the Horror” Screen Captures

Bones: 12×02 – “The Brain in the Bot” Promo

After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out whether the victim’s own A.I. bot was programmed to kill him. In the meantime, Bones plans a special surprise for everyone for her 40th birthday.