4 January 2017'Bones', Videos

After discovering the body of a man involved with creating artificial intelligence bots, the team must figure out whether the victim’s own A.I. bot was programmed to kill him. In the meantime, Bones plans a special surprise for everyone for her 40th birthday.

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16 December 2016'Bones', Videos

Check out this exclusive video from Season 12 of Bones. Catch the final season when Bones returns on FOX at 9/8c on January 3.

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15 July 2016'Bones', Videos
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26 May 2016'Bones'

I apologize for delay! I have added screen captures from last week’s Bones episode. Enjoy. Television Productions > Bones > Season 11 > Screen Captures > 11×16 – The Strike in the Chord

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19 May 2016'Bones', Gallery

I’ve added screen captures of the recent Season 11 episodes of Bones. I’ll add the previous episodes from the season soon! Television Productions > Bones > Season 11 > 11×11 – The Death in the Defense Television Productions > Bones > Season 11 > 11×12 – The Murder of the Meninist Television Productions > Bones > Season 11 > 11×13 – The Monster in the Closet Television Productions > Bones

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1 December 2015'Bones', Emily, News

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, stars of the longest-running drama series in Fox history, along with author and executive producer Kathy Reichs, have filed their own lawsuit claiming they have been shortchanged “tens of millions of dollars” in profits by producer 20th Century Fox Television, the Fox network and affiliated companies. The trio’s lawsuit claims they saw zero profits for years despite the success of the show. The suit follows

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26 November 2015'Bones', Emily, Videos

Filed under “Too Cute Not to Share,” Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz recorded a “Happy (Cruelty-Free) Thanksgiving” message to fans, whilst “undercover” as cowboys for an upcoming episode. Happy #Thanksgiving from all of us. #Bones https://t.co/ooxGCoUavU — BONES (@BONESonFOX) November 26, 2015 In the ninth episode of Season 11, titled “The Cowboy in the Contest” and airing Dec. 10, Booth and Brennan undergo one of their well-loved undercover

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1 October 2015'Bones', Gallery

I bet you all watched the premiere of season 11 of Bones last night! Did you like it? I personally did and I can’t wait to see what the creators and the actors have in store for us. And what to say about Emily’s performance? She was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I’ve added over 500 HQ screencaps of last night’s episode, so check them out and don’t forget to watch the episode if you

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18 September 2015'Bones', Appearances, Gallery, Projects

Hello, everybody! I’m sorry for my absence but life has been quite hectic the past weeks, but I’m happy to be back, especially since there are some new photos from the new season of Bones as well as some lovely photos of Emily attending the Mercy For Animals Presents The Hidden Heroes Gala on August 29th. Check them out in our gallery! Gallery Links: Public Appearances > Events from 2015

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24 August 2015'Bones', Emily, Interviews, News, Projects

EW.com spoke with Emily about Bones and her private life and we learned a few new things about the new season of our favorite show, as well as our favorite actress. Due to the article containing spoilers, it’ll be under read more!

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26 June 2015'Bones', Projects, Spoilers

Examiner.com posted an interesting article about the new season of Bones, especially now that we finally have a premiere date. Under the cut you will find the full article and some spoilers!

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25 June 2015'Bones', News, Projects

We finally have a date for the new season premiere! Make sure to write in your calendar that the season 11 of BONES will start on Thursday, October 1!

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