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Season 5 Posters & Promotional Photos

I just added some posters and promotional photos for the new season of Bones! The posters are LQ, but the promotional photos are all HQ. I’ll see if I can get the posters in HQ too. Enjoy! :)

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Does the Bones Finale’s Alternate World Carry Over?

In the alternate world that Booth (David Boreanaz) dreamed up in his comatose state in the controversial Bones season finale, he and Bones (Emily Deschanel) were a happily married couple, running a nightclub called the Lab with the cast of the characters from Bones showing up as varying alternate characters. We saw Sweets as a rock star, Angela as the nightclub hostess, Booth’s brother Jared as a detective and more wackiness.

We all assumed it was a onetime dream sequence, right? Well, show runner Hart Hanson teased that they might have plans for some of those alternate storylines. He might just be messing with us, but check out what he has to say about that and what else he and Emily teased about next season…

“The [finale] was full of inside jokes. It was full of inside references. It was full of echoes and insights, I hope,” said Hart during our Comic-Con chat with him last week. “And we’re going to carry some of the things we discovered in that alternate world into the real world. It’s kind of a bridge thing.”

Keyword: some. Don’t get your hopes up, though. That doesn’t mean when the new season picks up, Booth and Bones will be a couple. As we reported last week from Comic-Con, it’s still going to take a lot to really get these two together. Hart said he has a plan: “I do know. I’m not going to tell you. I do know if and when it happens [and] where it might happen.”

As for that baby storyline, Emily said, “It’s something that will probably be addressed in the next season.” Hart added, “We have some other things to get past first before Brennan can get back to thinking about a child.”

So we have possible alternate-world storylines coming next season, more back and forth with Booth and Bones, baby talk and, as we already reported, Cyndi Lauper plays a psychic in the first episode—and she may or may not have something to do with some buried bodies. What else? “We have an episode about Amish people that is really heartbreaking, actually,” said Emily. Hart added, “And right now, David is scheduled to direct our 100th episode.”

One last teaser for next season: “Episode five or six of this year is the trial of the Grave Digger, and not a lot of evidence survived,” Hart told the panel audience of the episode where Bones and Hodgins were buried alive by the villain known as the “Grave Digger” and where she wrote a letter while underground. “It’s very likely that what she wrote [in the letter] will surface as evidence in that case.”

Oh, and if it were up to the real-life Bones, Kathy Reichs, next season would also feature a Bones/House crossover. Hart explained, “We’re trying to get [Kathy] to write a script, and she always comes up with ideas like, ‘I think we should go to the pyramids.’ Or she’ll go, ‘I want to write the crossover with House.’ That’s her latest thing. [And we say] ‘Oh, Kathy. That’s not going to happen this year.’ “


Episode Stills for Episodes 18-25!!!

Here are the upates I promised, I’ve got episode stills for episodes 18 through to the season finale episode 25, Hope you enjoy them!

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