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Happy Birthday, Emily!

I’d like to take a moment and wish Emily a wonderful happy birthday! She’s turning thirty-nine today – can you believe it? I honestly can’t, she looks so gorgeous and young! Don’t forget to wish Emily a happy birthday on Twitter!

I leave you with one of my favorite photos from her last photoshoot. I hope you enjoy!

The sex of Brennan and Booth’s new baby is… spoke with Emily about Bones and her private life and we learned a few new things about the new season of our favorite show, as well as our favorite actress. Due to the article containing spoilers, it’ll be under read more!

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Emily Talks Sister Zooey and “New Girl”

During an unidentified interview, Emily was asked about her sister Zooey and whether or not she’d be up for making an appearance on Zooey’s show, New Girl. Take a look below:

You and your sister, Zooey, the star of New Girl, are in successful TV shows but your characters are very different. How different are you in real life?It’s so hard for me to analyse from the inside. I would say we’re different – but also the same. There are similarities from having grown up in the same household.We have lots of things in common but view the world in different ways. The way we think is completely different and we have different ways of going about things.

Would you ever work with her on screen?Zooey played my cousin on an episode of Bones a couple of seasons ago and we’ve talked about me coming in to do New Girl. We shoot on the same lot, so if we weren’t so busy it might be really easy to swing on by and play a part. It’s hard to get a few hours off, let alone a couple of days to do her show. I hope it happens because I love her show. I watch every episode as soon as I can when I’m not working.


The Peoples Choice Awards 2013 Nominees Are…

The official list of nominees for the Peoples Choice Awards 2013 have been released! To our delight, Emily has been nominated! Voting is free, and you can vote as often as you want! So make sure to vote for Emily and Bones! Take a look below:

Favourite TV Crime Drama
Bones (FOX)

Favourite Dramatic TV Actress
Emily Deschanel (“Bones” – FOX)

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Happy Birthday Emily!

We here at Emily Deschanel Daily would like to wish Emily a very Happy Birthday! We hope her year is filled with wonderful things personally and professional and that her day is spent with friends and family!