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Emily Deschanel Just Wants To Have Fun

As she does most every weekend, Bones star Emily Deschanel is spending her Sunday morning shopping at a Hollywood farmers’ market near her home.

A strict vegan, she has avoided all animal products for 15 years, ever since watching a documentary about the meat industry. Her lifestyle extends to avoiding leather clothing or consuming even honey because “sometimes,” she says, “they kill the bees.” As a result, she is forced to forgo many samples along the route.

But Deschanel’s icy character, forensic anthropologist Temperance “Bones” Brennan, has no problem interacting with freshly butchered bodies on the Fox crime drama. With two episodes remaining in the third season (Mondays, 8 p.m. ET/PT), Deschanel hints that viewers will soon learn the shocking identity of cannibalistic serial killer Gormogon’s apprentice.

She and her on-screen crime-solving partner, David Boreanaz (FBI Agent Booth), were named producers on the show this season, which has upped their creative input.

“David had it in his contract, and I think they wanted to do something to make me feel equal with him, which is nice,” she explains. “We’re definitely more involved in the show and where it goes … if there are story lines or plot points we feel aren’t right for the characters.” Continue reading Emily Deschanel Just Wants To Have Fun

From Bit Parts To TV’s Bones

Imagine going to work each day and facing flesh-eating bugs, murder scenes, and decomposing bodies. As Temperance “Bones” Brennan, a forensic anthropologist teamed up with an FBI detective played by David Boreanaz on Fox TV’s Bones, that’s exactly what actress Emily Deschanel has to do. But the gore doesn’t faze her. “You just get used to coming into work and seeing decomposed human remains every day,” she says nonchalantly. “Instead of being grossed out by it, I have turned it into a fascination with the human body and the whole design of the skeleton.”

That pretty much sums up Deschanel (CFA’98): optimistic and upbeat. She’s one of those rarities, a native of L.A., and — perhaps even more rare — a grounded one at that. Acting is a job, and a day on the set of Bones is just another day at work. Sure, she gets to hang out all day with a handsome coworker. Yes, she appears every week in homes across the country. Granted, there are fan sites springing up across the Web. But, she says, “I still live my life the way I’ve always lived it.”

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SPCA Auction

Thanks to Jeff Blodgett from SPCA (Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals) for e-mailing me that Emily designed and signed two cute pet bowls! You can buy both on e-Bay!


Doggie Footprints

Emily On Free Radio

Emily was guest in 4th episode of Free Radio, you can watch the video here, but it is accessible for U.S. viewers only. If anyone could download it, please contact me at webmaster [AT] I would really appreciate it.