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Last night (October 24th) Emily attended the annual Farm Sanctuary Gala and she looked stunning. I’ve added eleven pictures to the gallery, so check them out. Gallery Links Events > Events in 2015 > October 24: 2015 Farm Sanctuary Gala

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1 October 2015'PETA', Appearances, Charity, Gallery

Last night not only we got the premiere of the new season of Bones, but Emily also attended the PETA 35th Anniversary Party and do you know what this means? New photos! That’s right folks, we got some brand new photos of Emily and I’ve added all them all to our gallery. Emily looked gorgeous in black and white, so make sure to check the gallery out! Gallery Link: Public

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25 September 2015'Farm Sanctuary', Articles, Charity, Interviews

Emily is on the cover of this month’s issue of Organic Spa so don’t forget to grab your copy! Growing up, while most of Emily Deschanel’s friends and classmates were playing with Barbies, she was busy scheming her version of the ultimate, multi-tiered Dream House. “I wanted to be an architect when I was younger. I was always trying to build a Barbie house with things like wood or Legos,”

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22 September 2015'Farm Sanctuary', Articles, Charity

Visiting Farm Sanctuary Gave ‘A New Perspective’ To Emily Deschanel’s Life Emily Deschanel is an avid animal lover and has been a vegan for a long time. Recently, the talented actress visited a Farm Sanctuary animal shelter. This was the first time that she was making such a visit and said that it was a “life-changing” experience for her. As the actress, aged 38 said, “I had already known that

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4 December 2014'Farm Sanctuary', Interviews, News

“People” — Longtime vegan Emily Deschanel had a “life-changing” experience when she visited a Farm Sanctuary animal shelter for the first time. “I had already known that farm animals have feelings and intellect, but then to really see them up close and spend time with these animals was pretty incredible,” the actress, 38, tells PEOPLE. “I didn’t realize how individual chickens could be, and the people who work there know

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14 May 2013'PETA', News, Videos

Bones star Emily Deschanel is encouraging moms to boycott cows’ milk and embrace a vegan diet to show compassion for cattle. The 36 year-old actress has teamed up with animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for a new video campaign urging women to raise their children on vegan diets and stop supporting the “cruel” dairy industry. In the video, Deschanel, who has a 20-month-old son

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17 June 2012'Farm Sanctuary', Gallery, News

Last night, Emily attended the Farm Sanctuary Benefit in Los Angeles. Last year, Emily was the official spokesperson for the Walk for Farm Animals, an annual event to raise funds and awareness about farm animal abuse. Head over to the gallery for the latest additions. Gallery Links: – Home > Public Appearances > Events in 2012 > The Farm Santuary Benefit

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30 April 2012Charity, Emily, News

Emily Deschanel doesn’t just play an animal lover on Bones — in real life she’s devoted herself to a vegan lifestyle (and defends herself against criticism), speaks out against animal cruelty, and raises awareness about the realities of factory farming. On June 2nd, Mercy for Animals, an organization dedicated to preventing farmed animal cruelty through education and awareness, will honor Emily for her continued hard work as a high-profile animal

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14 March 2012'Farm Sanctuary', News

Tastemaker Picks : Emily Deschanel Actress, hit TV show Bones and vegan activist “I have chosen several brands that I enjoy on a daily basis. A Scent of a Scandal makes candles with a sense of humor and ea apparel designs the softest pieces made from bamboo, and Lavuk creates cutting edge eco fashion. I hope everyone enjoys these brands as much as I do!” Favorite Charity: Farm Sanctuary “Farm

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22 December 2011Charity, Emily, News

Ryan Gosling, Emily Deschanel, Zooey Deschanel, Steve-O, Alicia Silverstone, Kristin Bauer and Bryan Adams are among a group of ten big name celebrities who have signed an open letter asking McDonald’s to switch to buying free range eggs. In November one of McDonald’s suppliers, Sparboe Farms, was caught on film by Mercy for Animals torturing their hens. According to MFA’s website, footage of Sparboe Farms “revealed hens crammed into filthy

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27 August 2011'Walk For Animals', Charity, News

Emily just signed up to be a spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary’s “Walk For Farm Animals,” which stresses compassion towards farm animals involved in animal cruelty. The organization brings to attention animals such as pigs, cows, chickens have feelings and personalities just like our pet dogs and cats, yet they are not treated with the same respect. When being used for meat, the animals are treated as if they are inanimate

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