1 June 2008Gallery, Media

Emily attended 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball: 003x 7th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball (May 31) And I added one interview with Emily:

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18 May 2008Emily, Gallery

Emily attended two new events: 046x FOX UpFront (May 15) 010x 2008 Farm Sanctuary Gala For Farm Animals (May 17)

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9 May 2008Emily, Other

As she does most every weekend, Bones star Emily Deschanel is spending her Sunday morning shopping at a Hollywood farmers’ market near her home. A strict vegan, she has avoided all animal products for 15 years, ever since watching a documentary about the meat industry. Her lifestyle extends to avoiding leather clothing or consuming even honey because “sometimes,” she says, “they kill the bees.” As a result, she is forced

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9 May 2008Media

Emily was on Late Late Show yesterday and I uploaded the video:

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9 May 2008Gallery, TV

I added some stills from the Season 3 finale: 005x Episode 15: The Pain In The Heart

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