5 June 2008Gallery

Emily and David look so great together ♥: 004x 2008 FOX UpFront Portraits

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4 June 2008Gallery

I found some season 2 screencaps in my computer so I decided to upload them (finally): 487x 2.07 ‘The Girl With The Curl’ 343x 2.08 ‘The Woman In The Sand’ 316x 2.09 ‘Aliens In A Spaceship’ 358x 2.10 ‘The Headless Witch In The Woods’

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4 June 2008Gallery

Emily attended another event, enjoy :) 015x 030xVogue and Oscar de la Renta Celebrate New Book “Lulu” (Jun 03)

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3 June 2008Gallery

I added six screencaps of Emily in ‘It Could Happen To You’ (1994): 006x ‘It Could Happen To You’ Screencaps

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3 June 2008Gallery

I added the rest of ‘Bones’ screencaps: 344x 3.14 – ‘Wannabe In The Weeds’ 352x 3.15 – ‘The Pain In The Heart’

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