The sex of Brennan and Booth’s new baby is… spoke with Emily about Bones and her private life and we learned a few new things about the new season of our favorite show, as well as our favorite actress. Due to the article containing spoilers, it’ll be under read more!

Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) will be joined by a son on the upcoming season of Bones, EW has learned exclusively. The little guy is the second child for the married couple who already have a daughter, Christine.

“I won’t say a name, but Brennan is going to have a boy and we’re going to have fun with [her] as a mom,” executive producer Michael Peterson tells EW. “Brennan is going to become the homeroom mom for Christine, which is just very fun for us — the stories about what it’s like to have Brennan be involved in school in that way.”

Deschanel herself is a mother to two boys, and both of her pregnancies were written into the show. She’s excited about the new addition to the series (“I love boys”), but she expects it to alter the family dynamic.

“When a new child is born into a family, it always affects the whole family,” she says. “It’s a huge change for everybody — parents and the other siblings. They were the center of the universe for a while and now they have to share, and that’s a challenge. Whether they show that directly or indirectly, it’ll affect the other child.”

“Even with all the help that I get, I find it very challenging to have two kids,” she continues. “Trying to make sure you have the time for both of them, and juggling all the different things. You have another child who has activities and school and all that. I think you’ll see storylines revolving around that as the season goes on.”

Bones returns for its 11th season on Thursday, October 1 at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, and will pick up about six months after the season 10 finale.