New Owner

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel, and I will be the new owner here at Emily Deschanel Fan. You may know me from the sites Diane Kruger Fan, Kristin Davis Central and Eli Roth Network. I want to thank Eric, Lindsey and Britt for allowing me to takeover this site and rest assured, they will still be onboard to help bring you all the latest on Emily!

Currently, I am working on getting new layouts up for both the main site and the gallery as well as expanding the gallery and adding new pages of information to the site. Until, keep visiting the site for all the latest on Emily!

2 Comments on “New Owner”

  1. Hey!, how are you Rachel? Nice to meet you!!!
    I´m WONDER_BONES the best fan of Emily and Bones, I might : )

    I need more pictures please, I love pictures ; )
    and I remember saw the album “Out and About” in a past web, do you have it? if you have this album please publish it, thank´s for read my comment!!!

    Welcome and good luck!!!


  2. Hi Rachel!! Nice to meet you!!! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to take care of our Wonderful and Gorgeous Emily’s site!!! :) I’m looking forward for new updates… Good luck!!!

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