Animal Kingdom: 4×02 – “Angela” Screen Captures

Animal Kingdom: 4×02 – “Angela” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of Emily in her first episode of Animal Kingdom, 4×02 – “Angela.”

Emily on Biggest “Bones” Lessons and Returning to TV

Emily Deschanel on Biggest ‘Bones’ Lessons, Working With David Boreanaz and Returning to TV

The actress formerly known as Temperance Brennan is returning to television in TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom,’ and discusses the evolution of her career with The Hollywood Reporter.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – When Emily Deschanel graduated from theater school, she planned to spend her career doing off-Broadway shows and the occasional indie film. The actress, who is best known for the 12 years she spent starring on Fox procedural Bones, chuckled on the phone while remembering those early career goals.

“I remember somebody laughing at me, like, ‘OK, if you never want to make any money, then great,'” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

While her earliest credited parts include small roles in not-so-indie films including Cold Mountain, Glory Road and The Alamo, Deschanel’s big break came after being cast in Stephen King’s ABC miniseries Rose Red. A couple of pilot seasons later and she was the No. 2 on the call sheet for Bones, behind former Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star David Boreanaz, where she’d spend the next decade-plus of her life.

Two years after her Fox drama ended, Deschanel now finds herself headed back to television in a recurring role on TNT’s crime family drama Animal Kingdom. While she spent 12 years playing forensic anthropologist and straight-laced FBI collaborator Temperance Brennan on Bones, she’s on the other side of the law as recovering addict Angela on Animal Kingdom.
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Emily on “The Talk” (Video)

Emily on “Animal Kingdom” and the Legacy of “Bones”

Emily Deschanel On Season 4 Of Animal Kingdom and the Legacy of Bones

PARADEBones star Emily Deschanel tracked down criminals as forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan on the Fox series. Now Deschanel, 42, plays Angela, a drug addict who cozies up to the Cody family in season four of TNT’s crime drama Animal Kingdom (May 28).

You spent 12 seasons upholding the law on Bones. What’s it like now to be on the other side?
It’s a lot of fun. I have two sons [Henry, 7, and Calvin, 3] and they love playing bad guys a lot of times. There’s something about human nature that makes you enjoy doing it. But the fun part about it is to see it from the character’s perspective, like, why are they doing these things?

I don’t think anyone sets out to be evil or do bad things. Maybe a few people do, but they have reasons why they do what they do and they probably think that they’re doing something for a good reason. So, that’s what’s been really fun, to see from this character’s perspective why she’s doing certain things. It’s been unclear as we’ve been working how bad she is, what she’s up to, and what is she scheming?
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“Animal Kingdom” Season 4 First Look

Bones’ Emily Deschanel Goes Bad in Animal Kingdom Season 4 First Look

TVLINE – If that isn’t the face of someone who’s up to no good, we don’t know what is! TVLine has obtained an exclusive first look at Emily Deschanel in action in the upcoming Season 4 of TNT’s criminally addictive Animal Kingdom — and judging from the way that the Bones vet is casting a backward glance in the image, it’s safe to say that her new character is leaving as much trouble behind her as she stands to make going forward.

Per the network, Deschanel’s Angela, who’s only recently been released from prison, is the former BFF of Pope’s late sister, J’s mother Julia. When the drama returns this summer, the recovering junkie shows up at the Cody clan’s sweet digs and tries to “snake her way back into the family’s good graces.”

Which, as you can imagine, will be easier said than done. Though Angela is described as “a survivor — scrappy [and] manipulative,” the addict’s past as Julia’s drug buddy makes her persona non grata as far as J’s concerned. Smurf’s antennae will also go up upon Angela’s arrival. (Then again, the Codys’ matriarch is suspicious of most people.) So Angela may make her top priority getting in good — and getting in bed — with Julia’s off-kilter twin, Pope.

The Animal Kingdom arc represents Deschanel’s first TV gig since Bones wrapped its decade-long run two years ago.